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Terms & Conditions

The sponsors of Vantage Club include Intel, Wells Fargo Barnhardt Center, and Rodgers Instruments.

All dogs must pass a 4 hour temperament evaluation to make sure that your dog doesn’t show aggression towards handlers and the other dogs. Dogs are welcome to stay all day as long as they pass. We require that you either bring in or have the dogs vaccination records faxed over to us at the time of the temperament evaluation or before. Dogs must be up to date on:

-- Rabies
-- Bordetella
-- DHPP shots
-- Spayed or Neutered

We have an online application for new clients to fill out. Applications will be sent to BarkZone and you will receive a call within one business day to set up your temperament evaluation, or if you are in a hurry then you are welcome to call us at (503) 844-7989.

If a dog displays aggressive behavior for the safety and health of your dog and others they might be confined to a kennel for the remainder of their stay with no deduction in price.

We do not honor multiple discounts or coupons; you will receive the greater discount.

Drop off and pick ups after hours are an additional fee.
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