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BarkZone™ Hillsboro To Say Goodbye

Dear Client,

It is with a heavy heart that we made the decision to close the Hillsboro BarkZone store. This was our original store, opening with one dog and one employee back on August 5, 2003. Since that time, we flourished to a peak of 60 dogs a day and enjoyed 17+ years of happy times, taking care of beloved family pets. COVID-19 really struck a blow on small businesses, and with so many Intel employees and other local employees now working from home, it became unviable to continue operations at the Hillsboro store. The good news is that we are still in the community and ready to pamper your pet with daycare, boarding, grooming, and self-wash services!

Many of you may know that three years ago we invested in and expanded BarkZone services to the Beaverton area. We purchased the UWASH/Grooming business and Aquadog; and moved it into a custom-designed 8000-sq.ft. full-service dog center with new amenities such as daycare, standard boarding, and deluxe boarding suites in addition to grooming and UWASH.

The Bethany/Beaverton BarkZone is located at 1815 NW 169th Place #5050, Building 5, Beaverton, OR 97006. It is right off Cornell Road & 173rd Ave. in the building adjacent to the Oregon Food Bank. A close-by reference landmark is Krispy Kreme. Please call 503-533-4396 for any questions.

You have been a loyal client and we wish to keep serving you. In the hope that you may join us, we have already transferred your client files, vaccination records, and other information. All of your passes and store credits will transfer as well.

We understand that our Bethany facility might be a longer drive than our Hillsboro store, but we hope that you'll give us a try. We invite you to visit our store for a tour and a complimentary UWASH service.

Thank you again for being a loyal client - we truly have appreciated your business over the years!

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a healthy New Year,

Eric Simpson
BarkZone Owner