Dog Grooming Services

Professional Bathing & Grooming at All 4 Locations!

Please call the location of choice for price and availability for dog or cat grooming*.

Dog GroomingFor your convenience, you can drop your dog off anytime before the scheduled appointment, and the groomer will give you a courtesy call when your pet is ready for pick-up! Please call to schedule an appointment or get a free price quote.

Full Groom prices include haircut of choice, nails, ears and anal glands.
Full Bath prices include nails, ears, anal glands, brush out, and sanitary.

*Currently cat grooming is only available at our Bethany and Montavilla locations.

Full Bath Includes:

  • Bath
  • Brush out
  • Nails Clipped
  • Ears Cleaned/plucked
  • Anal glands expressed (if needed)

Full Groom Includes:

  • Bath
  • Brush out
  • Nails clipped
  • Ears cleaned/plucked
  • Anal glands expressed (if needed)
  • Hair cut of choice

Extra Service Includes:

  • Furminator brush
  • Teeth brushing
  • Toe nail painting
  • Nail dremel as apposed to a regular clipping
  • Skunk treatment
  • Simple bath and blow dry
  • You can also add a service as well

Why Groom Your Pup at BarkZone?


We can provide daycare for your pup before and after their groom.

Award Winning

We have award winning groomers that will make your dog look just the way you want

We Care

Our professional groomers treat each dog like their own and provide great care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment before hand?

Yes, to ensure you can get your dog in on the desired day we recommend calling a few days in advance to book an appointment.

If I am a new client what do I need to do to make an appointment?

All new clients need to fill out a new client application online or in store and provide proof of vaccinations upon arrival or before coming in.

Can you accommodate older dogs or dogs with health issues?

Yes, we try our best to accommodate all dogs regardless of medical issues.. If they have any health issues (bad hips, blind, prone to seizures) we will do everything possibly to make sure your dog doesn’t get stressed or anxious. Whether that be letting the dog take breaks during the groom to relax or having you (the owner) around to keep them calm.

 Dog Grooming Rates


Full Grooming includes bath, brush, nails, ears, anal glands expressed and cut of choice.

Small Full Groom $45+
Medium Full Groom $55+
Large Full Groom $65+
Extra Large Full Groom $75+


Full Bath Pricing

Full Bath includes bath, brush, nails, ears and anal glands expressed.

Small Full Bath $25+
Medium Full Bath $30+
Large Full Bath $40+
Extra Large Full Bath $50+


Simple Bath Pricing

Simple Bath include a bath and dry.

Small Simple Bath $20+
Medium Simple Bath $25+
Large Simple Bath $30+
Extra Large Simple Bath $35+


Shampoo Pricing

Simple Bath include a bath and dry.

Flea & Tick $5
Furminator $5
Oatmeal $5
Conditioner $5
Medicated $5

Add on any of these services to your dogs bath and groom service.

Teeth Brushed $5
Dremel Nail Trim $5
Extra Brushing $5-$10+
Extra Scissoring $5-$10+
De-Matting $10+
Clean Feet (Non-Poodle) $10+
SM/Med. De-Shed Treatment $11+
Large De-Shed Treatment $22+
Regular Nail Clip $10
Dremel Nail Clip $12
Feet Trim $10+
Ear Cleaning $6+
Teeth Brushing $10
Anal Gland Expressed $8+
Brush Out Only $10+
Face Trim $12+

All prices may vary due to breed, size, coat, temperament, or haircut pattern.

We are so happy we got our dog groomed. We are DIY people but sometimes you gotta get a professional. I am very happy that I found BarkZone. Both dogs are happier that they can run around better since Chelsea dremeled their nails. We could never get them that short. Also Baxter smells so yummy and we believe this is the best he has ever been (smell wise). And the teeth. WOW. Great place and staff. Wonderful prices and quick, but still great quality work. Very happy.

Jenn Engstrom

New Customer Application

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Dog Grooming Locations

Bethany, Beaverton

Previously Aquadog, BarkZone's Bethan, Beaverton location is just off Hwy 26. It offers dog grooming and self-service dog grooming services.

Learn more about BarkZone Bethany!


Conveniently located near Intel campuses and the Hillsboro airport. It offers dog daycare, boarding, grooming, walking, and training.

Learn more about BarkZone Hillsboro!


Montavilla Portland is located near the Portland International Airport (PDX). It offers dog daycare, boarding, grooming, walking, and training.

Learn more about BarkZone Montavilla!

Lake Oswego

Located on the South East side of Portland, Lake Oswego facility offer grooming and bathing services

Learn more about BarkZone Lake Oswego!