Dog Boarding Services

Safe and Comfortable Indoor Dog Boarding

Apply to BarkZone Dog DaycareOur overnight dog boarding is not restricted to kennels! Our dogs play in daycare all day long (except during nap times), then go into the kennels at night. Boarding is open for dogs who have already passed their temperament screen. If your dog has not been to BarkZone in over 6 months. we recommend (but do not require) that he/she come in for a day of daycare shortly before the overnight stay.

Overnight dog Boarding costs are per a 24 hour period. This means if you drop and pick your dog up at the same time (no matter what time) you will be charged the full days boarding rate. If you pick your dog up from boarding later than you dropped your dog off then you will either be charged a full day or just an hourly rate depending on the drop off and pick up time.

If your dog has already passed the temperament screen and you need to bring your dog in for boarding then we have an overnight dog boarding application that you fill out every time you need to board your dog.

Boarding Locations

Why Board Your Dog at BarkZone?

Safety. Always.

We do everything we can to ensure that your dog is safe. Always.

Indoor Facilities

Your dog will stay comfortable, dry, and clean in our indoor facilities.


Your pooch will receive constant interaction from both dogs and staff.

We Care

From arrival to pick-up, our staff cares for your dog as if it were their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring for my dogs stay?

Anything you think your pup might want to have. This includes beds, blankets, toys and treats.

Should I bring my own dog food?

To avoid any upset tummies from the sudden change of food we do recommend that you bring your own dog food. If you happen to forget, don’t worry, we do have back up food!

Does my dog need it's own food and water bowls from home?

Nope, we’ve got it covered! We have bowls and buckets for every dog that is staying with us.

 Dog Boarding Rates


  1. Multiple Dogs – 10% Discount off Total Expenses
  2. We do not stack discounts. The greater discount will be given.
  3. Boarding rates are for 24-hour periods starting from the time of drop off. A daycare charge will be incurred if pick up is 2 hours past drop off time. All boarding charges are required to be paid at the time of drop off. Boarding reservations are required and secured with a 1-night deposit during non-holidays and a 2-night deposit during holidays. All boarding passes have a 4 month expiration starting from the date of purchase.
This place has my highest regards. We boarded our Great Dane puppy for 5 days while we were out of town, and they made us feel so comfortable. Doggy cams to watch your dog while you’re away, an excellent and knowledgeable staff, and a wonderfully run business. I will be using Bark Zone for all of our doggy day care needs. Cara Roach Seger

New Customers

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Boarding App

Schedule a boarding appointment at any location.

Dog Grooming Locations

Bethany, Beaverton

Previously Aquadog, BarkZone's Bethan, Beaverton location is just off Hwy 26. It offers dog grooming and self-service dog grooming services.

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Conveniently located near Intel campuses and the Hillsboro airport. It offers dog daycare, boarding, grooming, walking, and training.

Learn more about BarkZone Hillsboro!


Montavilla Portland is located near the Portland International Airport (PDX). It offers dog daycare, boarding, grooming, walking, and training.

Learn more about BarkZone Montavilla!

Lake Oswego

Located on the South East side of Portland, Lake Oswego facility offer grooming and bathing services

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