After a long day of playing with dogs at BarkZone, employees work up an appetite. Unfortunately, it takes great preparation for eating right and it’s hard to find the time with a busy schedule. Lucky for me, I recently discovered Dream Dinners located near our newest BarkZone facility in Beaverton. “What’s on the menu?” you ask. One order of “Cheese Lover’s Manicotti” and two orders of “Greek Island Shrimp and Pasta” would be my immediate future.

It all starts with the experience and mine at Dream Dinners exceeded any prior expectations. I visited with my girlfriend Rebecca and we were led by Sharon and her wonderful co-workers through the process. We created 9 nutritious meals in only 30 minutes! We then labeled and bagged the meals, and all future meal prep time was negated in one fell swoop.

One could easily group Dream Dinners in with other meal prep services like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, but to me, those services are more of a band-aid than a solution. The human connection was truly the difference. Dream Dinners recreates the connection of a student and teacher in the kitchen and empowers the “cooking impaired”, like myself, to reach out of their comfort zone. The experience took the unfamiliarity out of preparation, and then getting home and cooking my own food was almost too easy when the instructions are attached as well.

Many of us say we don’t have time for too many of the important things in life. The home cooked meal and the family walk with the dog feels like a thing of the past. But it doesn’t have to be. Proper time management is in your power if you seek it.

Establishments like Dream Dinners are here to empower us to get in the kitchen and take accountability for the food we put in our bodies. If you’re having trouble finding the time to make dinner or just need a push in the right direction, head on over to Dream Dinners at the Twin Oaks Plaza in Beaverton. The “Cheese Lover’s Manicotti” comes highly recommended by the way!

If you are interested in giving Dream Dinners a try, mark your calendars for their Open House Dream Taste on February 8th at 7:00PM. As an added bonus, mention BarkZone at a Dream Dinners class and you’ll receive a free side dish for the entire month of February! 

Guest Blog Written By: Joel Cuozzo-Gonzalez