July is here which means time for outdoor fun in the sun with your furry 4-legged friend. Here are the top summer tips our groomer recommends to help keep your pooch protected, cool and healthy this summer season.

Is Your Pup’s Grooming Summer-Ready?

Doggie Coats | Shave or Not To Shave?
While you may be tempted to shave down your dog because it’s hot out, not all dogs thrive with a drastic summer-doo. Double-coated breeds like Huskies, Golden Retrievers, and Australian Shepherds use their coats as a natural cooling system. Their coats act as insulation protecting them from the heat and the sun. Shaving down double-coated dogs could have a negative impact, resulting in overheating, sunburn, and at risk to other natural elements.

Regular grooming is important for double-coated dog breeds due to their shedding. Regular visits to your groomer at least every four to six weeks and opting for the de-shed treatment can help keep your furry friend’s shedding at bay and in turn, help keep them cooler in the summer. It’s also recommended that brushing your dog at least three times a day will help rid the shed hairs and keep your dog’s coat from matting and forming tangles which can harvest bacteria and yeast.

For those dogs who are not double-coated, it is recommended to leave at least an inch of coat to protect from the sunshine. So a shorter summer-doo may be perfect, but not too short- no one likes sunburn! And be sure to protect your dog’s light colored skin with pet sunscreen (people sunscreen is toxic to pets), including their light color nose.

Don’t Forget Between the Toes
Another tip is to keep your pooches hair clipped between their toes and under their pads. This helps from bringing the outside elements, like mud and pitch, into the house. Also, keeping the hair trimmed between the toes helps you see foxtails that can lead to infections and visits to the vet. Additionally, when it comes to slippery floors like wood floors, keeping pad hair short helps them from slipping and sliding.

Doggie Nails for Summer | Short is Best
Let’s talk summer nails. Keeping your dog’s nails short helps prevent premature arthritis, nail breakage and snagging on things. Dogs should be walking on their pads, not their nails. Regular nail clipping and filing once every two to three weeks is important for maintaining short nails for summer.

Regular Grooming Visits are Important
Lastly, regular grooming both at home and every four to six weeks with your groomer, helps maintain the health of your furry friend. Another plus, your groomer can help discover health issues that requires a veterinary visit like abnormalities including skin problems such as ticks, fleas, dry patches or issues with their nails, teeth, ears, and eyes such as inflammation or infection.

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