Collar ID is a new way to identify your cat or dog!  Collar ID is a noise-free, durable, and safe ID tag that easily attaches to your pets’ favorite collars.  Invented by local Oregonian, Tom Normandin, the product was designed to make sure all pets are identified at all times.  After a scary incident at the beach where Tom became separated from his dog, Jax, who wasn’t wearing a collar, he decided that there had to be a better solution for identifying one’s pet.  He knew that if he was bothered by small tags clinking and jiggling, then other pet parents must be as well.  He was right; approximately 66% of pets in shelters have no identification.  The noise and hassle of regular pet tags might keep otherwise responsible pet parents from properly identifying their pets.

Not anymore!  Collar ID is committed to making sure there are no more unidentified pets.  Collar ID is a customized collar cuff that attaches by double-back Velcro to any dog or cat collar. It is easy to take on and off  (in seconds) and won’t get caught on crates or other objects.  Best of all, it’s noise-free, so you won’t even realize that your pet is wearing a collar.
Your family can sleep soundly, and if a door is accidentally left open too long and your pet sets off on an adventure, the Collar ID will make it easy for your pet to be reunited with your family.

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