seymourSeymour is a very handsome French Bulldog who started coming to us when he was just a little guy with a big, squishy head! He has since grown a bit and is more handsome than before! He loves to play with his pack of friends. He gets along great with all the smaller dogs, but loves to hang out with the bigger boys too. It’s been a blast watching him grow from a 3-month puppy to now almost a one-year-old!



sigSig is a very sweet and rambunctious boy. This Boxer pup is always looking to play and is always in a good mood. His older brother, Kong, attends daycare too and keeps an eye on his younger brother. Kong was one of our DOTMs last year!Sig loves his best friends, Banner and Bella. He also happens to be an excellent napper, especially after playing so hard. We bet that his parents are happy for that!



burtonBurton, a Lab mix, is our resident Love Thief – she runs around all day, stealing the hearts of her pack mates and devoted handlers! This sweet girl will show you how to “sit pretty”, and sit pretty she does! We’re sad to announce that our girl Burt is moving away soon, so this month is dedicated to all of the joy she has brought us!