Eric Simpson – Owner

Eric Simpson

When did you start BarkZone?


Tell us about yourself.

Eric Simpson is the majority owner of BarkZone Inc. Eric earned a bachelor in science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington and holds a Masters in Business Administration degree from Portland State University. Eric has worked at Intel Corporation since 1995 and has held various engineering and program manager job roles in his 15+ years in the corporate world. His passion for small business and his German Shepherd-Mix named Gunner lead him from being a client of a local dog daycare to opening one of his own in August of 2003. Although he has maintained his corporate job at Intel he likes to be involved with the business and can found regularly at the two Washington County daycare locations. He is always looking to improve the business and its service offerings; great ideas are welcome so send him an email to and he will respond promptly!

Gunner the Dog

Do you have any pets?

Of course! I started BarkZone because of my dog, Gunner.

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